Master Blanket Purchase Order ADED12-032599

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Purchase Order Number: ADED12-032599 Release Number: 0 Short Description: RFP for Teacher/Principal Eval Observation Instruments
Status: 3PS - Sent Purchaser: Lupita Gomez Receipt Method: Quantity
Fiscal Year: 2013 PO Type: Blanket Minor Status:
Organization: Arizona Department of Education
Department: ADEDHQP - Highly Qualified Professionals Location: HQP - Highly Qualified Professionals Type Code:
Alternate ID: Entered Date: 09/20/2012 10:41:47 AM Control Code:
Days ARO: 0 Retainage %: 0.00% Discount %: 0.00%
Print Dest Detail: If Different
Catalog ID: Release Type: Direct Release Pcard Enabled: No
Contact Instructions: Lupita Gomez, 602-364-2517 Tax Rate: Actual Cost: $0.00
Master Blanket/Contract End Date (Maximum): 09/19/2013 11:59:00 PM
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Primary Vendor Information & PO Terms
Vendor: 000002276 - Learning Sciences International
Brandi Campisano
175 Cornell Road Suite 18
Blairsville , PA 15717
Email: RFP@learningsciences.com
Phone: (717)845-6300
FAX: (724)459-6373
Alt. Reference: Z0001
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Purchase Order Emailed to RFP@learningsciences.net at 10/23/2012 10:37:22 AM 10/23/2012 11:22:52 AM
Master Blanket/Contract Vendor Distributor List
Vendor ID Alternative ID Vendor Name Preferred Delivery Method Vendor Distributor Status
PZ000002276 Learning Sciences International Email Active
Master Blanket/Contract Controls
Master Blanket/Contract Begin Date: 09/20/2012 Master Blanket/Contract End Date: 09/19/2013
Cooperative Purchasing Allowed: Yes
Organization Department Dollar Limit Dollars Spent to Date Minimum Order Amount
ADED - Arizona Department of Education AGY - Agency Umbrella Master Control $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
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Print Sequence # 1.0, Item # 1:   Contract Award of AZ Teacher and Principal Project - Observation The contract shall be on an as needed, if needed basis This contract shall be for the exclusive use of those Department of Education and eligible educational institutions in the State of Arizona. Estimated Usage: The Contract shall be on an as needed, if needed basis. The State makes no guarantee as to the amount of usage that may occur under a resultant contract. It is expected that organizations that are awarded will be available to assist eligible schools during the 2012-2013 school year and beyond as needed. Inclusion on the list does not, however, guarantee that an organization will be chosen to serve districts or schools. Similarly, this Request for Proposal process does not carry an award of state or federal funds. Providers must continue to meet established criteria to remain on the list. Districts that choose to work with a contractor will thereafter enter into a contract with the vendor. 3PS - Sent
NIGP Code: 918-38
   Education and Training Consulting
Req # / Item #:  ADED12-00052661  / 1 Bid # / Bid Item #:  ADED12-00001754 / 1 Quote # / Quote Item #:  000011753-R1 / 1
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Quantity 1.0 $0.00 EA - Each 0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
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