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Bid # Alternate Id Buyer Description Purchase Method Bid Opening Date Bid Holder List
ADVS16-00006409 Margie Silva install one (1) Turf Slats Set for two locations Open Market 06/03/2016 03:00:00 PM
YCCCD16-00006408 Sheri Denny Duo Security Enterprise Site License Open Market 06/01/2016 02:30:00 PM
ADVS16-00006405 Margie Silva Rehabilitation Therapy Services Open Market 06/22/2016 03:00:00 PM
AGFD16-00006403 RQ0000159558 Gina Corwin 20' Mobile Storage/Office Combo Unit Open Market 06/01/2016 03:00:00 PM
AGFD16-00006402 RQ0000157013 Gina Corwin DNA Spectrophotometer Open Market 05/27/2016 03:00:00 PM
AGFD16-00006399 RQ0000157492 Gina Corwin Automated DNA Extraction Open Market 05/27/2016 03:00:00 PM
AGFD16-00006396 Donna Bailloux Shotgun Ammunition for Shooting Sports Blanket 06/10/2016 03:01:00 PM
AAGO16-00006395 Cindy Palmer Homeless Housing Support Open Market 08/19/2016 03:00:00 PM
ADED16-00006393 RQ0000158965 Elena Adame RFQ for Literacy Trainers Open Market 06/03/2016 03:00:59 PM List
AGFD16-00006388 Cindy Arnold Livestock Trailer Open Market 05/31/2016 03:00:00 PM List
ADES16-00006381 RQ0000156588 Justin Schmitz Supplemental HRSS RFP Open Market 06/08/2016 03:00:59 PM
ADES16-00006373 RQ0000154953 Loretta Cardin RFP for Language Proficiency Testing and ASL Proficiency Assessment Open Market 06/01/2016 03:00:59 PM
ADSPO16-00006372 Charlotte Righetti, CPPB Central Reservation System and Optional Services Open Market 06/09/2016 03:01:00 PM
COCHA16-00006371 ST6-745-3696 Raquel McMahon City of Chandler Alley Rehabilitation and Dust Control Open Market 06/16/2016 04:00:00 PM List
ADSPO16-00006365 Barbi Dull Commercial Real Estate Broker Services Open Market 06/02/2016 03:00:59 PM
ADSPO16-00006360 Jodie Neff 1740 W Adams Building Remodel Open Market 05/27/2016 03:00:29 PM
AGFD16-00006358 Gina Corwin BOAT AND TRAILER MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SERVICES Open Market 05/27/2016 03:00:00 PM
YCCCD16-00006356 YCRFQ1612 Clare Peckham Welding Supplies Open Market 06/07/2016 03:09:00 PM
ADSPO16-00006354 Terri Johnson Financial and Performance Transparency Solution Open Market 05/27/2016 03:00:59 PM
COCHA16-00006353 ST6-988-3685 Raquel McMahon City of Chandler Revegetation, Storm Repair and Maintenance Open Market 06/14/2016 04:00:00 PM List
MOHA12-00006352 Christine Van Vleet IFB 10-1516 Secure Document Shredding Open Market 06/01/2016 04:00:00 PM
MOHA12-00006351 Christine Van Vleet IFB 09-1516 Automobile Rental Services Open Market 06/01/2016 04:00:00 PM
COCHA16-00006350 CP6-966-3671 Juan Martinez City of Chandler Overflow Photo Copying and Printing Services Open Market 06/07/2016 04:00:00 PM List
DEMA16-00006348 Kyle Matthew Forklifts, 4,000lb Capacity, Cushioned Tire Bellemont, AZ (M16-0040) Open Market 06/02/2016 03:00:59 PM
ADOT16-00006347 RQ0000149992 Stacy Wiesner Plasma CNC Cutting System Blanket 06/01/2016 03:00:59 PM
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