Bid Solicitation: AAGO16-00005600
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Bid Number: AAGO16-00005600 Description: Consultant for Mental Health Grant/Contract Program Planning Bid Opening Date: 09/09/2015 03:00:00 PM
Purchaser: Cindy Palmer Organization: Office of the Arizona Attorney General
Department: ASD01 - Operations Division Location: PRO - Procurement
Fiscal Year: 16 Type Code: Allow Electronic Quote: Yes
Alternate Id:   Required Date: Available Date :  08/19/2015 03:00:00 PM
Info Contact: Cindy Palmer, 602-542-7986 Bid Type: OPEN Informal Bid Flag: No
Purchase Method: Open Market
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Ship-to Address: Jerry Connolly
15 South 15th Avenue, Basement
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Email: jerry.connolly@azag.gov
Phone: (602)542-8030
FAX: (602)542-8000
Bill-to Address: Pam Rezek
1275 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Email: pamela.rezek@azag.gov
Phone: (602)542-7976
FAX: (602)542-5940
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File Attachments: Uniform Terms and Conditions V9_(Rev 7-1-2013)~19.pdf , Uniform Instructions to Offerors (rev 9-2014)~7.pdf , AAGO16-00005600 RFQ Janssen Consultant 08192015~1.pdf , AAGO16-00005600 RFQ Attachment I (Part A) JanssenConsultant 08192015~2.pdf , AAGO16-00005600 RFQ Attachment I (Part B) JanssenConsultant 08192015~1.docx , AAGO16-00005600 RFQ Attachment II Designation of Confidential Trade Secret Proprietary Information Form.pdf , AGO Janssen Consent Judgment.pdf
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Bid Method: Request for Quotation (RFQ)
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Item # 2:   Proposal format instructions can be found in Section 3.4.2 of the RFQ. Offeror shall put $1.00 into unit cost of the line below. The one dollar shall not signify the offers proposed cost rather it is to be used as a place holder to indicate the offerors desire to bid. The offeror shall provide their pricing in the price sheet of Attachment I - Part A.
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This item is narrative
Item # 1:   ( 918  -  38 )   Consultant for Mental Health Grant/Contract Program Planning including Contract, Grant and Program Design as described in the Scope of Work Tasks (Section 2.4 of the RFP)
NIGP Code: 918-38
   Education and Training Consulting
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